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Castle of Horror Podcast

Oct 27, 2015

We look at Wes Craven's 1989 attempt to launch another horror icon: body-hopping, electric-powered slasher Horace Pinker.

Oct 13, 2015

We look at Craven's foray into Hollywood thrillers with Red Eye, in which Rachel McAdams is dragged into an assassination plot aboard a cross-country flight.

Oct 13, 2015

Simon Toyne's new book "The Searcher" has been compared to King and Koontz and already optioned to film-- we talk about what goes into writing a gripping thriller.

Oct 8, 2015

We talk to USA Today Best-seller Susan McBride about her new book "Say Yes to the Death" and about the fine art of the mystery.

Oct 6, 2015

We look Wes Craven's ultra-meta Nightmare on Elm Street reprise.